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“Workshop” is the way CAPA describes our recreational or novice programming. “Workshop” may make reference to both productions and classes. They are not only for the beginner but beginners are welcome. The class or production may have a mix of students with varying experiences in the same group. No formal audition is required to participate in “Workshops” however are encouraged for production workshops.  Workshop Classes usually end with a casual showcase for friends and family. Production Workshops culminate with two or more performances and mass ticket sales to the public.

“Master Workshops” have additional requirements including mandatory auditions and also make reference to a production or a class. Master Production Workshops culminate with two or more performances and mass ticket sales to the public.  

CAPA Companies - Company participation is encouraged for students who want to pursue musical theatre either in school, community, regional theatre productions, attend a musical theatre collegiate program or a career on Broadway. Companies are designed to give students purposeful performance opportunities, build their resumes, participate in master workshops with pros, and get the best training possible. Performance experience is required and/or other training to join this class. All students are serious about progress

Auditions are required and companies are formed after annual auditions. Auditions are usually at the beginning of August. CAPA Company is a September to May commitment. Conflicts must be submitted by email to teachers and directors. No conflicts are accepted for the Company Showcase Dress Rehearsal and Performance. The Company Showcase is normally the first weekend in May. For the Company Showcase, students will wear basic pieces from home and will be provided additional performance attire for the performance. In addition to tuition there are semester supply fees. Companies meet once weekly until showcase production week where they meet for three additional rehearsals.

MisCAST Gala -  Annually CAPA Company members are invited to participate in the Company Miscast GALA on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. For Miscast we follow the path paved by the MCC Theater in NYC when Broadway’s hottest stars perform songs from roles in which they would “NEVER” be cast and the results are thrilling!

Production - On occasion, CAPA offers a  fall production but it is not a part of our regular programming. 

Shows for Spring and Summer are typically announced in January of the same year (sometimes sooner). Both Workshop and Master Workshop Productions require Parent volunteer hours, in addition to tuition. One can pay a fee and opt out of volunteering.  There is also a costume fee required. There are several waivers and agreements to complete, through the parent portal during your initial registration. There are occasional updates to them through the portal.  

CAPA’s Spring production is a workshop for ages 7-19. Auditions for the evening cast are in early April and rehearsals are in April and May. The Home school cast has auditions at the end of January and have weekly classes up until tech week, when they switch to day and evening rehearsals. The Evening Cast rehearsals are held on a call basis, meaning your actor only attends rehearsals if they are called. Calls go out based on your pre-determined conflicts each week. Participants can submit conflicts outside of production week when they submit their audition form. No conflicts are accepted for the week of the performance, called production or tech week. Conflicts may impact casting. Performances are the week prior to Memorial day up to the Saturday prior to Memorial day.  

Summer Stock includes a Production Workshop and a Master Workshop (see descriptions of each under Workshops in the “About” tab). Each production may do their own show or the same show. Age cut offs vary from year to year depending on the material. When the shows are different, serious students can attend both intensives to get the feeling of professional summer repertory theatre to learn if it is something they would enjoy in their future. When the shows are the same, younger, less experienced performers, have the opportunity to be considered for roles the more experienced performers would likely normally get.  

The Workshop is three weeks long and has a set daily schedule, usually 10-2:00 for week one and two and switch to evenings in week three for production week. Auditions are in June and this musical theatre intensive begins the Monday following the Fourth of July. 

The Master Workshop rehearsals often operate on a call system like the spring production always does. Other times, it has a set rehearsal schedule, for all, usually between 4:00-9:00 PM. Auditions are in June and this musical theatre intensive begins the Monday following the Fourth of July. The Master Workshop is four weeks long. Week one and two are evening rehearsals. Week three is day time rehearsals and week four is back to evening for tech ad performances. 


CAPA has been nominated for WRAL’s BEST of Raleigh for Best Summer Camp. 

In addition to Summer Stock, (see description under Productions under the “About” tab) CAPA offers many summer camps with focus ranging from acting, singing and dancing, or all of the above, and more. CAPA Camps are offered each year in June and August. 

In the summer, CAPA also teams up with professionals to offer our rising seniors our Pre Screen Prep Program, where we assist with their Musical Theatre and Acting BFA collegiate audition process. Weekly accountability meetings, explore programs and career options, dance instruction, monologue and song selection and coaching, headshot, audition taping, and more.  This culminates in a designated week to tape and perform material with moc” in person”  Music Theatre collegiate audition on the final day. 


CAPA Dance Workshops are tailored to the musical theatre student. The serious musical theatre student has to delegate more time to singing and acting than allows for most dance studios’ advanced dance programs. However, dance training is pivotal to the success of most musical theatre students. The only trouble is that most studios save their most experienced and favored teachers for their companies and companies are costly and time prohibitive. They are prohibitive because dance companies usually require a several night per week commitment. In addition to  a rigorous dance schedule, dance companies often attend costly competitions, require costly costumes, and recitals. At CAPA, dance is NYC style - classes with incredible teachers are posted and anyone can sign up and come improve where teachers teach to the student and not necessarily to the “dance”. We want students to grow their skills so they can do any dance well rather than just be able to perform a single dance well. Dance classes are offered by semester including in the summer. Workshops are open to non company students after priority is given to company students. We may offer company specific choreography or Company specific skill dance classes. 


Announcements for auditions typically go out to our mailing list so be sure to sign up for our email list today.  

Auditions for Productions are typically at the beginning of April for the spring production and in June for Summer Stock. Home schoolers typically audition at the end of January for the spring homeschool cast production. They audition much earlier than the evening cast because their rehearsal window is twice as long. They have a set day for weekly rehearsals over four months and do not operate on a “call” rehearsal system.

Company auditions, including JTF Company auditions, are usually in August and simultaneous with CAPA Company auditions. 

Open Mic Nights 

During the school year, students may attend Open mic night the first Friday of the month to observe their peers and or participate to showcase something they’ve been working on. It can be a new song they’ve learned or written from any genre, a monologue, play a musical instrument, dance, you name it. This is  Located in the East campus so space is limited. This is  for the mature student artist and not childcare. 


The Junior Theater Festival (JTF) is the world’s biggest and best celebration of young people performing musical theater.

JTF brings together student musical theater troupes from all over the world for a weekend of musical theater mayhem and madness. Each troupe performs fifteen minutes from a Broadway Junior®️ show for adjudication by a panel of musical theater experts. The weekend also features professional development for teachers, workshops for students and parents, a New Works Showcase featuring new musical adaptations soon to be released and concludes with a grand finale concert headlined by Broadway’s best! CAPA typically attends the Atlanta festival over MLK weekend. In the future, we may shift to attending this festival every 2nd or 3rd year. We believe all should try to attend once prior to graduating high school when they are no longer eligible to participate. 


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