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Production - On occasion, CAPA offers a  fall production but it is not a part of our regular programming. 

Shows for Spring and Summer are typically announced in January of the same year (sometimes sooner). Both Workshop and Master Workshop Productions require Parent volunteer hours, in addition to tuition. One can pay a fee and opt out of volunteering.  There is also a costume fee required. There are several waivers and agreements to complete, through the parent portal during your initial registration. There are occasional updates to them through the portal.  

CAPA’s Spring production is a workshop for ages 7-19. Auditions for the evening cast are in early April and rehearsals are in April and May. The Home school cast has auditions at the end of January and have weekly classes up until tech week, when they switch to day and evening rehearsals. The Evening Cast rehearsals are held on a call basis, meaning your actor only attends rehearsals if they are called. Calls go out based on your pre-determined conflicts each week. Participants can submit conflicts outside of production week when they submit their audition form. No conflicts are accepted for the week of the performance, called production or tech week. Conflicts may impact casting. Performances are the week prior to Memorial day up to the Saturday prior to Memorial day.  

Summer Stock includes a Production Workshop and a Master Workshop (see descriptions of each under Workshops in the “About” tab). Each production may do their own show or the same show. Age cut offs vary from year to year depending on the material. When the shows are different, serious students can attend both intensives to get the feeling of professional summer repertory theatre to learn if it is something they would enjoy in their future. When the shows are the same, younger, less experienced performers, have the opportunity to be considered for roles the more experienced performers would likely normally get.  

The Workshop is three weeks long and has a set daily schedule, usually 10-2:00 for week one and two and switch to evenings in week three for production week. Auditions are in June and this musical theatre intensive begins the Monday following the Fourth of July. 

The Master Workshop rehearsals often operate on a call system like the spring production always does. Other times, it has a set rehearsal schedule, for all, usually between 4:00-9:00 PM. Auditions are in June and this musical theatre intensive begins the Monday following the Fourth of July. The Master Workshop is four weeks long. Week one and two are evening rehearsals. Week three is day time rehearsals and week four is back to evening for tech ad performances. 


CAPA Productions


** Participants can Audition for for both shows BUT you must be willing to pay tutition and take a role in both shows.  Auditioning for both shows does not guarentee getting cast for both shows.  If you are not cast, all tuition and fees will be refunded.

Parents/Guardians of participants 18 and younger are required to complete a minimum 5 volunteer hours per participant.  A check in the amount of $100 dollars will be held in earnest until the end of the production when volunteer requirements are met. Deposits will NOT be cashed if volunteer hours are completed. Parents/Guardians may pay the $100 opt-out fee in lieu of volunteering 5 hours per participant.

There will be non-refundable Costume Fee and Tuition due with registration paid in full, or on scheduled payment plan. All tuition and costume fees must be paid prior to Auditions.  Master Workshop: Auditions only (all camp payments will be refunded if your actor is not selected to participate in the Master Workshop).

Note: Masters Workshop auditions required. Workshop auditions are optional. Without auditioning your child will automatically participate exclusively in the ensemble. All are welcome.